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Our company have been specializing in growing Soursop. Since 2018, we have came out with an idea on producing fruit juice out from the fruits itself. After we launched our product into the market, we received well response from the public. It gave us another opportunity to venture into different business other than fruit juices. We have came out with the idea of the usage of the leaves and turned it into tea leaves, from there onwards we took on the chance and create more products out from the fruits itself.
Our company well trained workers on picking fresh A graded Soursop. The Soursop will be ready when it is fully grown. Workers will check and harvest each of the fruits to ensure that our company produces fruits juice & pulp that are fresh!
After the fruits have been harvested, we have our driver on sending the fruits to the factory to go through manufacturing process. In our manufacturing process, we have our workers on picking out and checking on the fruits to picked out the best Soursop for the following process for fruit juices and fruit pulp.
Weeding and trimming in the Soursop Plantation is done regularly in our company and having workers watering on the trees. In doing so, we are able to grow our trees could be grown in a better environment.
After we harvest the fruits, we send it to our own factory for juices production. Fruits will be picked again for the second time so that the fruits are fresh enough for the juices. Hence our juices will be freshly packed and send out to you all!

Our company aim to promote health awareness to the public with our healthy juices and hoping that you will be joining in this journey with us!

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